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Fixed capacity sortable plugin

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I'm a fsortable. I can hold 5 items.

I'm a connected fsortable. I can hold 3 items.


We're draggables. Drag us to the above fsortables.



Include jquery-fsortable.js in your project and call $("#my-div").fsortable(). fsortable creates a sortable instance for you. You can call it on an existing instance by passing existingSortable: true in the options at creation time.

After you create the fsortable instance you can call methods on the underlying sortable instance by passing them through the .sortable() wrapper. The plugin will still fire sort instance just like a normal sortable plugin.

Creating a fixed layout

There's some necessary markup you need to use to let fsortable know about your layout. Since it assumes your sortable has a fixed capacity you need to tell it how many items it can hold. It takes that information from the HTML itself by counting the number of items in your sortable and the number of empty positions.

Any item that matches the items option of the sortable plugin will be counted as being part of the layout. Any item that has the emptyClass class will be counted as being a free slot. The sum of both will be the total capacity of the sortable.

Let's take an example.

<div id="mysortable">
  <div>Item 1</div>
  <div>Item 2</div>
  <div class="fsortable-empty"></div>
  <div>Item 3</div>

We've defined a layout with a total capacity of 4, that contains 3 items and 1 free slot. Once that free slot will be occupied (i.e. dragging a draggable over it) the fsortable will become full and it will be marked as being so by having the full class set on it.

If you need to change the size of the fsortable you can do so, but remember to call the refresh method on it so it recalculates the items and free slots.

To connect draggables with your fsortable you need to do the following.

  connectToSortable: ".fsortable:not(.full)"

Note the :not(.full) selector. That tells the draggables to not connect with full fsortables.

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